Rhari is an anthropomorphic illustrator living in Beautiful British Columbia. He lives with his co-conspirators and fellow writers FeverLow and TonyGreyfox, his daughter and a corgi named Merlin. When not producing comics he can be found at the dog park, playing his ukulele, horseback riding or costuming with his local guild.

If you’ve come by this page after running into our main protagonist at a Convention, Event or Holiday Fundraiser, you can get more information about our performances over at Maxwolf.events or send in your pics by emailing rhari@deerdiarycomic.com

The comic began as a labor of love in late 2017 and launched in early 2018. The character herself, Ku, has been a delight in my life since 2009 and there are many artistic tributes to be found of her if you know where to look!